Finally, A Chiropractor That Comes To You!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Dr. Dan Bruno and I am a board certified chiropractic physician based in La Jolla and serving most of San Diego county.  My unique mobile, or “traveling”, business provides personalized chiropractic and rehabilitation services at your San Diego location, wherever that may be.

My mobile services have proven very beneficial for individuals with widely varying needs including those with demanding schedules or difficulty getting away, those with a desire to stay out of the public eye, touring athletes and entertainers, as well as those just preferring a more one-on-one personalized experience.


Convenient House Calls & Workplace Visits

My personalized services are provided in the comfort and convenience of your own home or at the location of your choosing including businesses, athletic events, health studios and job-sites, etc…


Available 7 Days Per Week From 8am-8pm

Appointments are available 7 days per week including mornings and  evenings. Duration of appointments are designed to meet your health needs as well as your schedule.


100% Doctor-Patient time

All services are provided one-on-one with Dr. Bruno. I purposely maintain a small, exclusive patient base so that I can focus more on my individual patient’s needs, thereby creating a much more personal experience…..the way health care should be! 


Our Focus Is On Quality

My focus is on quality of care, not quantity of visits. Since I do not run a high volume chiropractic “mill”, I am able to spend the time needed to provide true quality care.  You will never feel rushed through an appointment.


The Spine Strong Program For Chronic Lower Back Pain

As the founder of Spine Strong, I have been guiding patients suffering from chronic recurring lower back pain through my Spine Strong Program for almost 20 years!  The Spine Strong Program is based on scientific methods clinically proven to relieve lower back pain and prevent the pain from returning!  Click here to learn more about The Spine Strong Program.


Nothing Beats Experience

I have been proudly serving the health needs of patients throughout Southern California and across the country since 1997.


Please contact me with questions or to discuss services that will work for you.

(858) 255-1445